Mount Krios is a Utility based NFT project on the Cardano Blockchain.

The basics

Mount Krios is the first project, on Cardano, that is providing utility to holders through farming operations. We attempt to bridge the gap between the growing NFT space and real-life farming, by building an NFT project that’s directly linked to a thriving goat breeding farm. We will do this by tokenizing our super camp. Your NFT represents your membership in the operations of the super camp. Farming with goats is gaining greater popularity worldwide, and more established farmers are striving to run with this extremely successful industry. Currently the growing inclination is to raise boer goats for commercial and stud purposes. Mount Krios is focused on the latter.
The relative ease and low operational costs of farming with goats makes this industry very profitable. This will help the project achieve the sustainability required to reward the NFT community for their support.
Good to know: Mount Krios breeding camp is focused on providing high quality breeding studs for show as well as sale for the purposes. Our Studs are sold or leased to farmers to upscaling the genetics of goat across their own herds.